Saturday, June 20, 2015

Reverie Flora

We have been working so hard on something we concern about .. 
We always do the best for all the flower lovers , as i am also one of it . 
So we finally had create another form of business for all the others .. For those who love small flowers , not that fancy .. 
Here it is - Reverie Flora.. 
Please please please feel free to brownse through our products . They might surprise you ☺️ 
Here's the link : 

So do we have Instagram : Reverieflora 

I hope you guys will enjoy and have will brighten up your day by viewing our flowers 😊

Tuesday, March 24, 2015







我需要更久的时间调适我自己的心情才会理清到底该怎么做。。 希望你可以谅解。


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Diana Panton

I'm not a music person but personally i love Diana Panton song's. 
I received a pendrive from my friend, he who knows me that i love all these slow jazzy song , and some oldies. Then that's the time i know her. 

My mum was once to be a huge fans of Bee Gees and well of course my childhood song was not Twinkle Little Star but One Night Fever .. thanks to mum i love them too . 

Didn't realize ever since when i started listen to those song.. i just like the feel it brought to me.. very peaceful, especially when it rains. 

"So Nice" was my favorite of all ..