Monday, November 19, 2012

Bouquet of the day

Made this lovely bouquet for my client.
Hope she love this sweet flowers . ^_^

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

" Mental Stress or Physical Stress "

Yesterday had a meeting with a couple regarding their wedding decor at Inter-Continental.

While asking them what they looking for their wedding i was fixing my laptop, stupid laptop was unusable ..
Battery level was low and actually it cannot be charge , anyway... We able to show them some picture ..
Things happened when we asked them what is their color theme but as expected they said : ideas from you all would be good .. Owh okay~
I showed some of the pictures, but !! Ours albums are in a mess man .....
Oh my god ~ so embarrasing !!
However , they listened to what we suggest ad yet they will re confirm for the site recce ...
This is not the story of my title but its something related ...
My body condition are not as good as last time , my knee joint and my shoulders are always is my problem...

Which 1 to choose ?